KS3 work during the closure week commencing 16 April 2012

Please find below the work set for key stage 3 students during the closure week commencing 16 April 2012. Click the buttons to download the documents. PSRE Easter Activities 120328 PSRE VLE Easter Activities [divider_padding] Science 120328 Science [divider_padding] KS3 Work Set 120328 KS3 Work set [divider_padding] Maths Work for after Easter [...]

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Cashless Catering

Here is a copy of Mr Richardson's letter to all parents and carers on Friday 16th March 2012. Please scroll down for a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Biometrics and how the information is used. [framed_box bgColor="#FFFBD4" textColor="#050505" rounded="true"]Dear Parent or Carer  CASHLESS CATERING Heworth Grange School is introducing a cashless catering system to coincide with the opening [...]

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School meal Tariff & Pricing from Monday 2nd April 2012

This is to inform you that from Monday 2nd April 2012 the price of a two course meal (the daily "special") will be £1.95. This will also be the value of a free meal entitlement. There will be some small increases in the tariff, however there will be a variety of nutritionally balanced meal deals [...]

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Until recently, Classical Civilization was a subject that had never been taught in Heworth Grange Comprehensive School before. The students, who have received this opportunity, had already passed English Language and English Literature with C-A* in one year. We are insanely grateful to be able to partake in this academic…. or so Ms Parnell tells [...]

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Tennessee on Tyne

[picture_frame source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”5618″ align=”center”] Recently, the A2 literature class received the fantastic opportunity to attend The People’s Theatre, Jesmond to see ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. The production was the wonderful work of the Nice Swan Theatre Company. […]

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