Curriculum Content Geography  17/18 –  Miss Buxton 

Year 7

Our Places and Skills

Hazardous environments (volcanoes and geological timescale)

Issues – Countries, Population and location

Different Environments (rainforests)

Enquiry and skills – weather and climate

Year 8

Our Places – industrial sectors and tourism

Different Places – Into Africa and deserts

Hazardous environments – plate tectonics, earthquakes

Different environments – The Middle East (location, physical environment and issues)

Enquiry, skills and issues (rivers and coasts)

Curriculum Content for GCSE Geography (year 9-11 2017-20)

Geographical enquiry (fieldwork preparation)

Geographical skills

Distinctive Landscapes of the UK

River processes and landforms in the UK

River flooding and management in the UK

Coastal landforms and processes

Rural, urban and population change and issues in the UK

Tectonic processes and landforms

Tectonic vulnerability and hazard reduction

Global cities

Climate Change

Consumerism and its impact on the environment

Weather patterns and processes

Processes and interactions within ecosystems

Human activity and ecosystem processes

Management of ecosystems

Global inequalities

Causes and consequences of uneven development

Water resources and management

Regional economic development

Fieldwork with a focus on qualitative surveys and sustainable communities

The fieldwork focus changes each year as outlined by the exam board. Exam board website