School for Fidgets

The week after half term saw the launch of the short film School for Fidgets.  The film explores the need for some children to fidget or chew to help their concentration.  The animation is a combination of a hand-drawn animation by Saskia Grassie, a children’s occupational therapist, and children and young people’s self-portraits, drawn in response to the questionnaire on which the film is based.  Saskia asked the music department way back in 2018 if we could create the music to accompany her animation.  Miss Hughes and Mrs Hudson worked with a small group of pupils for over a year to write, perform and record the accompanying soundtrack. The pupils created the drum rhythm using objects that pupils may fiddle with, in lessons; rulers, pencils and pens and then wrote lyrics which they sang and accompanied themselves on ukuleles and guitars.  The final film was a huge success and has been positively received on social media with some people commenting on the music creating an earworm they struggle to get out of their head!  You can view the film on QEGatesheads YouTube channel by searching for “School for Fidgets QE Gateshead”.  It is also on our social media accounts.  

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