Local Academy Board Members

The Role of a Local Academy Board Member

Local Academy Board Members lead schools, they don’t manage them. They are there to give a long-term strategic direction to how the school is run; to be critical friends to the school; and to ensure the school is accountable for its actions. Members discuss and have input on:

– School policies, such as discipline, dress, sport, bullying and homework
– Long term plans and the future of the school
– How the school budget will be spent
– How the school will try to reach performance targets
– Appointment and dismissal of staff
– Complaints from pupils, staff and parents
– Repair and maintenance of school buildings
– Use of school premises outside school hours

The board often appoints sub-committees to look at specific issues such as the school’s finance, staffing, curriculum and premises.


Academy finance documents

Our Local Academy Board Members

Mrs Yvonne Baker
Role: Chair
Trust Board Appointment
Term: 01/09/20 – 31/082024

Mrs Denise Nicholson
Role: Vice Chair
Trust Board Appointment
Term: 01/09/20 – 31/08/24

Mrs Victoria Fenwick
Role: Staff Governor
Staff Elected
Term dates: 01/10/2018 – 30/09/22

Mrs Kelly Hope
Role: Parent Governor
Parent Elected
Term dates: 12/05/17 – 11/05/21

Miss Shirley McConnell
Role: Parent Governor
Co-opted Appointment
Term dates: 15/02/2017-14/02/21

Mrs Judith Russell
Role: Parent Governor
Parent Elected
Term dates: 12/05/17 – 11/05/21

Ms Allie Denholm
Role: Headteacher
Term commenced 01/09/20

Meet our New Chair

Yvonne Baker:

Yvonne is a Chemical Engineer by background, who now leads STEM Learning – an organisation supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. She has been a school governor for over 20 years in a range of places and settings and sits on the Royal Society’s Education Committee. Yvonne is Co-Chair of the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Education and Skills Panel as well as a Trustee of the 5% Club, which encourages employers to offer meaningful ‘earn and learn’ opportunities including apprenticeships. However, her interests extend far beyond STEM – thanks to her inspirational music teacher, Yvonne has always been a keen amateur musician and singer (even now being part of a Sea Shanty Group) and over the last few years, she has become a pilot gig rower.

Yvonne believes that a great education is the right of every child and young person, whatever their background. Education opens doors and gives choice – and, to this day, Yvonne  remains grateful for those teachers, her parents and others who supported her throughout her education from pre-school to the world of work. She looks forward to working with the staff team, governors, students, parent/s/carers and wider community at Heworth to ensure that all our young people have this opportunity and choice.

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