Regular school attendance is essential if a student is to maximise their educational opportunities. Interruptions in school attendance not only disrupt a student’s education, making it difficult for them to catch up on work, but can also affect their social life within the school. It is the School’s responsibility to provide the best education possible. We can only do this if children attend regularly.

Over the past few years, there have been increasing requests for holidays in term time as some parents have been under the impression that pupils are allowed 10 days holiday from school in any one year.

This is not the case.

The Government’s guidance states that under special circumstances the Head Teacher may consider giving permission for a child to be absent from school for a maximum of 10 days in any one school year. An absence of ten school days results in your child missing 40 school lessons and means the highest attendance they can achieve in that school year is 95%. This will have an impact upon their learning and achievement.

In line with Government guidance, holiday leave of absence will only be granted under special circumstances.

Permission will not be granted:

  • If the pupil is due to take an examination during the period of the leave of absence
  • If the holiday is requested in the first four weeks of September

In making its decision about the holiday, the pupil’s attendance record will be considered, along with their attitude to learning

Local Authority Guidance

Please click the image to download the latest guidance and information leaflet from Gateshead Council on absence during term time and the implications.


  • Any request must be in writing on the ‘Request for Leave of Absence in Term Time’ form, at least four weeks in advance of the leave.
  • Forms must be returned to Mrs H O’Brien, the Attendance Manager.
  • Any decision will be given in writing, stating whether the holiday has been approved, and any conditions that apply to an approval.
  • Should holiday request not be granted parents may come into the school to discuss the request.
  • Parents have the right to appeal against a decision not to grant a holiday request. Information on how to appeal can be requested from Mrs H O’Brien, the attendance officer.

Holidays taken without the permission of the school will result in the absence being recorded as “an unauthorised family holiday” and may make you liable for a Penalty Notice from the local authority.

To download the Request for leave of absence form please click the button below: