Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Doyle: Director of Education

Ms A Denholm: Headteacher

Mrs V Carter: Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum & Standards
Mr J Holt: Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning
Mrs C Froom: Assistant Head Teacher/Maths
Mrs J Mitchell: Assistant Head Teacher/SENDCo
Mr M Searles: Assistant Head Teacher/History
Mr A Haddon: Director of Welfare/Geography

Ms K Gordon Business Officer

Administrative Staff

Mrs S Headlam: Headteacher’s PA

Mrs L Cox: Administrative Manager
Miss D Forster: Admin Assistant/ First Aid & Mental Health Coordinator
Mrs M McKenzie: Admin Assistant
Mrs J Warren: Admin Assistant
Mrs K Doherty: Admin Assistant
Miss M Williams: Admin Assistant
Mrs M Dickinson: Admin Assistant

Mrs L Anderson: Attendance Manager
Miss A Hetherington: Attendance Assistant
Mrs D Roberts: Attendance Assistant

Mrs C Frater: Careers Officer


Miss L McMahon: Head of Business Studies

Miss M Grigg: Business Studies Teacher/Head of Health and Social Care/Assistant Head of Year 8

Creative Arts

Ms A Hudson: Head of Art
Mrs C Hudson: Head of Arts & Music
Mr G Robinson: Head of CPA

Mrs E Anderson: Music Teacher/Head of Year 11
Mrs G Gatenby: Dance Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 9
Miss N Hughes: Music Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 7
Ms S Kilpatrick: Art Teacher
Miss K Wanless: Art Teacher/Photography Teacher
Mr G Wood: Head of Media Studies

Design & Technology

Mrs C Scott: Head of Food Technology
Mr J Thompson: Head of Graphics
Miss L Garner: Food Technology Teacher
Mr C Nicod: Technology Teacher


Ms K Parnell: Head of English
Ms C Tunnicliff: Second in English

Mrs A Cleeves: English Teacher
Ms L Gibbons: English Teacher
Miss H Jeffries: English Teacher
Ms J Mitcham: English Teacher
Mrs S Owens: English Teacher
Miss J Patterson: English Teacher
Mr A Peart: English Teacher
Miss L Robinson: English Teacher


Miss C Buxton: Head of Geography
Miss J Whelan: Head of History
Miss C Swatts: Acting Head of History

Ms S Caldicott: History Teacher
Miss L Greenwood: History Teacher/Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs S Rostron: Geography Teacher/Head of Year 8
Ms N Thompson: Geography Teacher

Mrs S Partington: Learning for Life Teacher


Mr E Williams: Head of Computing

Mr J Hope: ICT Teacher/Head of Year 7


Mrs S Williams: Head of Maths
Mrs J Johnston: Second in Maths
Mrs K Maddock: Leading Practitioner – Maths
Miss S Houghton: Maths Teacher
Mr D Khachikian: Maths Teacher
Miss E Spetch: Maths Teacher
Mr R Tait: Maths Teacher

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms L Rump: Head of MFL
Miss K Davis: MFL Teacher
Miss S Scott: MFL Teacher
Mrs V Smith: MFL Teacher
Ms R Williams: MFL Teacher/Head of Sociology

Pastoral Team

Miss R Chippindale: KS3 Pastoral Manager
Miss H George: KS4 Pastoral Manager
Mrs H O’Brien: Behaviour Support Centre Manager

Mr J Breakingbury: Inclusion Support Assistant
Mr L Gates: Inclusion Support Assistant
Miss S Reid: Inclusion Support Assistant

Dr. P Blanchard: Director of Mental Health
Miss C Onions: Safeguarding Support
Ms J Tait: EAL Co-Ordinator

Physical Education

Mr M Tellyn: Head of PE

Mrs S Brooks: Head of Girls PE/Assistant Head of Year 11

Mr D Beresford: PE Teacher/Head of Year 9
Mrs S Rennie: PE Teacher/Head of Year 10
Mr B Vause: PE Teacher/Head of Post 16
Mr R Morris: Newcastle United Foundation Partner School Co-Ordinator


Mrs V Fenwick: Head of Science
Mr D Nicholson: Second in Science/Head of Biology

Mr M Murray: Head of Physics
Mrs T Tudor: Head of Chemistry
Mr G Gardner: Science Teacher
Mr J Laws: Science Teacher
Mrs J Mather: Science Teacher
Mrs L Shreeve: Science Teacher/ Assistant Head of Post 16
Miss C Wassell: Science Teacher

Site Staff

Mr D Watts: Site Manager/Health & Safety Officer

Mr G Fisher: Site Staff
Mr S Mullen: Site Staff

Support Staff

Miss L Korsbo: Cover Supervisor
Miss D Kudlacik: Cover Supervisor

Mrs D Abrahamson: Teaching Assistant
Ms L Ambler: Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Amine: Teaching Assistant
Ms D Hall: Teaching Assistant
Ms G Henderson: Teaching Assistant
Miss A Mills: Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Pinkney: Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Turnbull: Teaching Assistant

Miss A Kelly: Resource Centre Manager & Literacy Co-Ordinator
Miss D Longhurst: Resource Assistant

Technical Staff

Mrs C Wright: Senior ICT Support Engineer
Mr B Hooper: ICT Support Engineer

Mr D Forsyth: DT Technician

Mr M Hawkins: Senior Science Technician

Miss A Hollamby: Performing Arts & Media Technician

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