Coronavirus Update

Good morning to parents, carers and all associated with Heworth Grange school.

We hope that you are all well, staying safe and trying to keep in good spirits despite the circumstances. Even in these challenging times, the pupils of Heworth Grange, their welfare, their families and their education remain our highest priority and we will continue to try and keep in touch with everyone as often as we can.  Please find below a summary of the main pieces of information that you need to be aware of as we approach the end of the first week of enforced school closure.

  1. The first priority is that you, your children and your family are safe and at home. Apart from the essential journey’s set out by the Government, the directive is to stay at home.
  2. Children should not be sent into school unless they have been contacted as being on the list of children that the school remains open to look after, and only then if it is absolutely necessary
  3. Parents should not be arranging or planning to come down to the school for any reason other than to drop off or collect their child if they are on the list to be in school (point 2). Parents with children on the list should contact the school in advance if they need their child in school
  4. Parents should be aware that, for those on the list, the primary purpose of the school at the moment is to look after their child and not necessarily to be putting on a programme of curriculum subjects
  5. Please do not phone us as the reception is not currently staffed. Parents should send any urgent enquiries to the school e mail address: Please be patient as enquiries may take some time to be responded to. We will try and ensure that all urgent enquiries are answered.
  6. Parents should not worry if their child cannot access all their subjects at home and/or if there are technical difficulties – as long as your child has some of their subjects or other relevant work and activities to occupy them, that is fine
  7. Class Charts continues to be the main method of setting pupil work. Please be aware that Class Charts sets submission dates automatically – parents and pupils should not be concerned about these dates, there are no specific deadlines for any work to be completed. Access codes for the Class Charts app have been communicated to pupils and parents on a number of occasions, most recently in a letter last week (w/c 16/3). If you do not have these access codes then please contact the school by emailing As of today we have 872 of our pupils accessing Class Charts – well done to those pupils. 
  8. Alternatively, all work can be viewed through the ClassCharts public homework calendar link on our school website, found at the top of the homepage or by using the address
  9. Staff will continue to upload new work to Class charts – that does not mean there is an expectation that all work has to be completed. Pupils should not panic that there seems to be too much work or if there is work that they don’t fully understand. Pupils should work through what they can, when they can.
  10. If a pupil requires access to their school email account this can be done through the link at the top of the homepage on our school website or through the link The log in details for RM Unify are the same as for the school network. If a pupil is unable to access their emails then please contact the school by emailing and we will resolve the issue.
  11. If a pupil forgets their hegartymaths password they can request that their class teacher resets it through hegartymaths. The teacher will receive this notification the next time they log in to the system so the password will not be reset immediately. Once the reset has been done the pupil will be able to log in as they did on first log in and set a new password.
  12. Where there are issues with hardware such as printers – parents should encourage their child to adopt a common sense approach to the work  and advise them to complete what they can, in whatever way they can, even if that is not a written answer.
  13. Please don’t be too worried if you don’t have internet access all the time. Staff are well aware of all the problems and issues that may prevent work from being accessed every day.
  14. Returning of work – Pupils should keep the work completed at home and not put themselves in danger by coming into school to return this in person. In addition, they should not try and e mail work back. Again staff are not expecting that every piece of work can or will be in a form that can be returned when school re-opens.
  15. For pupils without access to the internet, paper copies of work will be sent out. Please bear with us if you have run out of work or not yet received any. Further work will be organised over the next couple of weeks and sent out as soon as possible. If Government directives are relaxed in the coming weeks, parents will be invited to come down to school to collect work, but this is not the case at the moment.
  16. We are continuously looking for better ways to communicate with students and parents/carers. We will update all students as and when new ways of getting work to you become available
  17. For pupils in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13; information that is directly relevant will be sent out as soon as we have it. Again, there are no specific deadlines that need to be adhered to at this stage. When we have more information about grades, college, apprenticeship and university applications we will contact the relevant pupils immediately
  18. Parents should be encouraged to adopt alternative approaches to work wherever possible: the school has placed a number of quizzes and other activities on the website, projects can be set by parents to be undertaken at home, educational channels on the television, relevant films, books and reading materials at home, helping to prepare meals, educational mobile phone apps. All these things are useful short term educational activities if you cannot access Class Charts or don’t have other resources that you need at the moment

The situation will continue to change rapidly and school will always do its best to update this information regularly – we will only pass on information that is confirmed by the Government, the DfE , colleges, exam boards and employers rather than speculating on what may happen.

In the meantime, please take care and our very best wishes from everyone at Heworth.

© Heworth Grange & Consilium Academies 2020
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