Until recently, Classical Civilization was a subject that had never been taught in Heworth Grange Comprehensive School before.

The students, who have received this opportunity, had already passed English Language and English Literature with C-A* in one year. We are insanely grateful to be able to partake in this academic…. or so Ms Parnell tells us. On a more serious note, the chance to not only study literature from classical antiquity but also to immerse ourselves in the tales of great legends and mysterious odysseys was an honour that we were all happy to receive. However, at the start of the year, we were disappointed to find out the flames of a carefree year eleven had been doused, although, not by a chorus of old women. Yet, upon taking the time to read and study the texts, we were happily surprised to find out that the stories that they told are both exciting and epic. We believe that this is a great opportunity bestowed upon us by the English department and we hope to reward their efforts with the best grades possible.

Callum York and Josh Bloomer – March 2012