Student Profile: Emily Terry In March this year Year 7 student Emily Terry danced her way to success with a role in The English Youth Ballet's production of "Coppelia" [blockquote align="left" cite="Newcastle Journal"]An evening to treasure.[/blockquote]Last November Emily was one of hundreds of youngsters aged from 8-18yrs who auditioned to perform with English Youth Ballets version of [...]

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Change in School Meal costs

School Meal Tariff & Pricing from Monday, 4th April 2011 This is to inform you that from Monday 4th April 2011 the price of a two course meal [the daily “special”] will be £1.90. This will also be the value of a free meal entitlement. There will be some small increases in the tariff, however [...]

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Breakfast Club

Heworth Grange Free Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club at Heworth Grange is open daily from 8am till 8.30am and is located in the Old Sports Hall. A selection of healthy and nutritious options are available and it’s free to all pupils.[/fusion_image]Research has shown that eating breakfast improves children’s problem solving abilities, their memory, [...]

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The name’s Club. Film Club.

In March Heworth Grange launched a brand new experience for our Year 7 students - Film Club. Films so far: 14th March - "Edward Scissorhands" 21st March - "Coraline" 28th March - "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs." 04th April - "The Simpsons Movie" 11th April - "Remember The Titans" Each Monday after school, we [...]

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BBC Waterloo Road Project[/fusion_image] Year 11 Creative and Media Diploma students were recently given the opportunity of a lifetime to work with programme makers of the BBC's Waterloo Road The group were selected to represent students from the North East along with three other schools from around the country. A treatment for a mini episode exploring the [...]

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Outdoor Adventures in PE

The PE department are always trying to provide interesting activities as options for KS4 PE students and one area that is continuing to prove popular this year is Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA).[/fusion_image]Courses generally run for a half term block and are delivered at Whickham Thorns by qualified instructor Andy Siddle and his Leisure [...]

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Active Kids

Heworth is once again collecting the Sainsburys active kids vouchers.[/fusion_image]We would be grateful if anyone using Sainsburys would collect the vouchers and ask students to pass them to the PE staff. The vouchers enable us to "buy" equipment to enhance and support PE and sports activities within the school. Please see the website [...]

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Years 8 and 9 Design Success

Our Year 8 and 9 Design and Technology (D&T) students were given some challenging design challenges to complete in their first term. Mr McVicar explains: "The Year 8 pupils have been designing & making name signs (or fridge magnets) using Techsoft 2D Designer Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. They then used the Roland CAMM2 [...]

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Mountain Biking

Year 10 boys PE looks very different for some these days – not the usual games based curriculum for this group, but the emphasis on outdoor adventure and health related fitness. Funding secured through the School Sport Partnership ‘Coaching’ program, has enabled us to utilise the talents of Paul Watson – a fully qualified British [...]

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