Online payments at Heworth Grange

Heworth and Parentpay have teamed up to offer parent and carers of students at Heworth a way of paying for school meals and trips without the need to bring cash into school.

ParentPay will also be used to pay for miscellaneous items across all Year groups, e.g. Year 11 Hoodies and Prom, Art sketch books, locker deposits and school equipment (collected from the student shop inside school).

Any school trips requiring payment will be assigned only to students attending the trip.

To activate your account please go to and click the “activate” link under the login box on the right side of the page. You will then be asked to provide activation codes. These are provided when the student joins the school in year 7. If the codes have been lost please contact the school and ask for the Technical Office or see the queries section of this page.

Once entered, ParentPay will walk you through the setup of your account, including selecting your own username and password. From then onwards please use your selected username and password to log into ParentPay. Please make sure your home and email addresses are updated and correct.

To pay for items, choose the “Pay for items” option from the menu on the left. Then choose the item to be paid for and checkout. ParentPay will then ask for your payment details. See the slides below.

You can also view the meal and snack choices made by the student by choosing “View menus and choices” from the menu on the left.

ParentPay can still be used by anyone without internet access or without a debit/credit card. We use Paypoint to enable payments at most newsagents and shops displaying the yellow and purple Paypoint sign.

There is a Paypoint locator tool available on the Paypoint website at

Barcoded letters to enable Paypoint payment are available from the school. Please be aware that barcoded letters are only valid for the payment reason detailed on the letter. A new letter must be obtained from reception for each reason for payment (trip / music lesson etc). Letters must not be re-used unless stated.

  • In case of query or issues with ParentPay please ring the school on 0191 4212244 and ask for the Technical Office
  • The student can request assistance at the Technical Office at break or lunch times
  • For password reminders please use the forgotten password feature on the ParentPay website
  • For assistance outside of office hours please email

We would also welcome your thoughts and comments on how ParentPay works at Heworth – we are continuously looking to improve how we use our facilities at Heworth and constructive ideas are always welcomed!