January 2015:

A response from the Secretary of State’s office on receipt of the Peace Babies from Heworth Grange

November 2014

On Tuesday November the 11th phase 1 of our Peace Babies’ Project reached its conclusion when every pupil in the school received their commemorative bag of jelly/Peace Babies.

In a small scale re enactment of the handing out of Peace Babies in 1918 to celebrate the ending of the Great War, Heworth’s pupils received their 2014 style Babies. The English department wanted to mark this historic occasion with an event which would resonate with our pupils, giving them the opportunity to reflect on why we commemorate November the 11th. We would like to thank Ryan Summers year 9 the designer of Peace Babies phase 2 and Josie Ball year 8 the designer of the fabulous Peace Babies’ label.

The project was featured on Gateshead Council’s website (click here) and also in the Gateshead Council News, distributed to all homes across Gateshead.

18th September 2014

In 1918 when the armistice was declared, the suspended production of a certain type of sweet began again: the jelly baby. A bag of these Peace Babies, as they were rebranded,  was then handed out to every child of school age to mark the new age of peace. Thus, to commemorate 1914/2014 Heworth Grange’s English and Art departments are working together on our very own Peace Baby Project; the pictures here are of our basic baby, crafted by our wonderful DT department. Watch this space to see the project come to fruition and our creativity soar.

Ms Parnell

English Department