School Uniform 2018/19

The policy of the School is to encourage all pupils to take a pride in their School by wearing the School uniform.

Our uniform requirements are not extensive, but we do ask that parents/carers do buy items which are in line with those detailed below. If you are at any point unsure about an item, please contact school before purchasing it. Items which require replacing or students grow out of must be replaced as and when necessary and not just at the start of the school year.

Reminder: False nails are not allowed for school. Also, only students with an identified medical need for a ‘fidget toy’ or ‘fidget spinner’ are allowed to have these items in school.

Our current uniform is:

  • Heworth Grange logoed black Cardigan/V-neck JumperPlain black cardigans and jumpers without the school logo are not allowed

  • Heworth Grange logoed white polo shirtPolo shirts without the school logo are not allowed

  • Black polishable leather / leather type shoesNo open toe footwear, plimsols, trainers or “Van” style trainers. No training show brands such as Nike, Adidas etc. No coloured markings or lacing of any kind on shoes. No canvas or suede shoes – canvas or suede must not be on any part of the shoe. Any boots must be plain leather type and worn under trousers. Ugg style boots must not be worn.

  • Waterproof outdoor Coat. Dark in colour  – No sweatshirts, hoodies, sleeveless jackets. No tracksuit tops, leather jackets, fleeces or denim. Coats should be plain with no embroidery, designs or patches.

  • Girls: Black knee length Skirt or Black Dress Trousers, Boys: Dress Trousers No Leggings/Jeggings,  Skirts must go down to the knee or below. Trousers should be full leg length, must not be jean style and no patch pockets or rivets are allowed. No fashion socks. Tights should be full leg length.

  • Girls: Plain white or black socks or plain black thick tights, Boys: Plain white or black socks. – No fashion socks, tights should not be patterned, no trainer socks or socks shorter than ankle socks.

Our current PE uniform is:

  • Heworth Grange logoed navy hoody – PE Hoodies cannot be worn around school other then for PE related activities.

  • Heworth Grange logoed navy polo shirt
  • Navy blue shorts and/or plain navy blue tracksuit bottomsPupils may wear either shorts or tracksuit bottoms. Ideally they should have both as some activities are more suited to one or other of these items.
  • Plain sports socks
  • Trainers

All logoed items of uniform are available to buy direct from our suppliers either online at or direct from their shop: 28-40 Scotswood Road, NE4 7JB. The shop also stocks other items of our school wear but which are not specific to our school.

Our approved school shoe supplier, Wynsors, has a catalogue available by clicking here.

Parents/Carers should also take note of the following points:

  • HairNo flamboyant hairstyles or unnatural hair colours. No tramlines or patterns, or partially shaved haircuts. No flamboyant hair accessories – clips, hair ties and hair bands should be small, plain and dark in colour. Scarves are not to be worn as hairbands or hair ties.

  • JewelleryNo jewellery other than a watch (not a smart watch). No earrings or piercings of any kind are to be worn in school. This includes retainers.

  • Make-up – No make-up, false tan, false eye lashes, false nails or nail varnish

  • Tattoos Tattoos are not allowed

Mobile Phones:

  • School will not be held responsible for any mobile phones or electronic devices. Mobiles can only be used in outdoor areas at breaks and lunchtimes. Mobiles and electronic devices should be switched off at all times indoors and kept out of sight. Any device which causes disruption to learning may be confiscated.

Post 16

Post 16 dress code image

First impressions are very important. Clothing and appearance should not reflect the extremes of youth culture. You are in a working school environment and the choice of clothes must reflect this.

Dress should be neat, tidy and comfortable, dress as if in a business or office environment.

  • Dress Trousers or skirt.
  • Collared or high necked shirt or blouse.
  • Smart dress shoes.
  • Jumpers and Cardigans can be worn.
  • Jewellery and makeup in moderation.

The following are not acceptable:

  • Trainers, flip-flops or canvas shoes
  • Sweat shirts and hoodies
  • Exaggerated hair colour or hairstyles