Year 11 Historians have been on a trip to the Royal Armouries in Leeds to discover more about the Norman methods of waging war. Our students started the day by watching riders perform feats of arms – tilting for rings, spearing animals on a hunt and riding down targets. These were all aimed at preparing young men for battle.

Our groups then took part in a variety of activities. Some of our students turned out to be excellent archers with an eye for the target. Others showed their skills as tacticians, working out the mistakes made at the Battle of Hastings. Some of us dressed as warriors from the period, comparing the armour and weapons used by both sides during the Norman Conquest. Finally we watched a talk from Hereward the Wake, the last English rebel, talking about the final reach for freedom made by the Anglo-Saxons at Ely.

Our thanks go to the excellent Education Team at the Royal Armouries and to our students, who brought credit to our school.