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Welcome to the Transition section of our website.

This section is dedicated to pupils who will be joining us in September.

As you will be aware the school closure during the period of lock-down meant the cancellation of out usual transition process. This section of the website will be updated with any new information you and your child may need for September.

What follows is an outline of some of the information that you will need to know for September. These details will be added and updated with new information as we progress towards the start of the new year.

The new Year 7’s will be phased back into school from September and any further information that you and your child need to know will be communicated as soon as it is available.

So far you should have received the following information by post:

· The data capture form to complete and return

· The school uniform list and information from the school supplier – Michael Seghal

· Information about using the MyEd app to communicate with school

Copies of these are on this page, together with the introductory transition letter that was sent out. The letter contains details of the e mail enquiry address should you have any questions about these or any of the other information on this page:

On this page you will be able to watch two introductory videos: a “Welcome to Heworth Grange” from some key staff that your child will meet in September and also a ‘virtual tour’ of the school site so that your child can see some of the areas of the school. They will be given a full tour during their first week in September.


All Year 7 pupils will be issued with a planner in September and copies of their timetables will go in the planner.


Pupils are able to have their own locker in school, subject to availability. School bags and any other equipment may be kept in their lockers. Full details and an request form will be issued in September.

Staff, Forms & Groups

The Head of Year 7 is Mr Hope and the Assistant Head of Year is Miss Hughes

Other key staff:

AHT SENDCO: Miss J Mitchell




· Form group information will be given out to pupils in September.

· Teaching groups will be allocated in September based on academic information supplied by the Primary schools. In the absence of SATs results, these groups will be temporary and subject to change after internal assessments have taken place during the Autumn term.

Attendance & Punctuality

The school expects all pupils to be punctual, arriving onto the school site at 8.35am at the latest. The school also expects an attendance of 96% or above as expected by the Department for Education.

School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory and all pupils must adhere to the school uniform code posted out to parents and carers. The information also contains the rules with regards to correct footwear and information about hairstyles’ and the wearing of jewellery which must also be adhered to  A copy can be found on this page.

Behaviour & Codes of Conduct

Full details of the schools behaviour policy and expectations will be circulated to all parents/carers and pupils in September.

Class Charts

The school uses a system called Class Charts to monitor all aspects of your child’s progress whilst at school. Once your child is placed on the school system in September you will be able to share this internal monitoring system by logging in to either the website ( or by downloading the free mobile app (available on both IOS and Android by searching for Class Charts) and using the appropriate unique codes that will be issued in September. This will allow you to have access to the following information for your child or children;

· Behaviour points – both positive and negative

· Detentions – see when detentions are set and when they have been completed

· Homework – see when homework is due, details of the task, and whether it is submitted on time

· Timetable – see details of your child’s timetable

· Attendance – see details of your child’s attendance record (The current day will not be shown, any issues will continue to be communicated via the attendance office)

Further details and a full user guide will be placed on this page in the near future.

Passport to Success

This is an exciting new initiative for September. All pupils will be given a series of opportunities that that they can be involved with during Year 7, whether that be a cultural activity, a school trip, a performance or one of many other things on offer. They will also be expected to meet or exceed a series of targets in relation to their progress, behaviour and attendance. These will all be kept in their passport and monitored by their form tutors and the Head of Year. Pupils who meet these challenges and take part in the opportunities will ‘graduate’ at the end of the year at bronze, silver or gold level and will take part in a formal end of year graduation ceremony. Full details will be given to all pupils, parents and carers in September.

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