No revision guide necessary. Food Technology exams will be in the first week of the fortnight i.e. week beginning 9th June. We normally do an exam at the end of the module so for this occasion we will be spending the lesson before exam week as a revision lesson.
No revision guide necessary. The exam will be based on source analysis, the sources will be provided on the day.
Please click the following links for the music revision sheets:

Treble Clef notation

KS3 Music Listening Vocabulary

We will be doing a short listening and note reading test in the music lessons.

The students will be getting a test on spread sheets. They will be given a revision sheet but they can also do additional revision by visiting the BBC BiteSize site.

Click here to visit the site.

Students studying Graphics with Mr Thompson should look at the following website.

Follow the link on the home page for Graphics.

Scroll down the Graphics page and find the sub section THEME and EXAMINATION QUESTIONS – Packaging for Promoting Products.

Use the links in this sub section to help you prepare for the exam.

For Geography pupils need to know where places are e.g. continents, oceans, countries of the British Isles and OS map symbols.

They could look at the OS website and use the ‘map reading made easy peasy’ leaflet to revise map skills at

Year 7 will need to revise the units they have completed – volcanoes earthquakes, rainforest and shopping
Year 8 will need to revise the units that have completed – volcanoes, earthquakes, deserts and savannah and food.

No revision guide necessary. Students will be given reading tests.
No revision guide necessary. Students are advised to use the website.
No revision guide necessary. Students are advised to use the website.
Revision sheet available by clicking the link below:

2014 Italian Vocab sheet

Revision sheets are available by clicking the links below:


Palabras M3

Listos 1 Mod 1 Palabras


German Worksheets

On the home page click onto Resistant Materials
Scoll down until you come across the section titled
The information in this section will help with your exam on Designing a product will store DVD’s or PS3 or XBOX games.
The Year 7 and 8 students will be looking at still life (a group of real objects linked to their current project theme).
The students will record/draw what they see and we shall assess how well they are able to do this in their use of line, shape, tone, texture and colour (the visual/formal Art elements).