Year 8

Autumn Term 2020: Remote Lessons


Location and Cityscapes

Understanding the basics

Skills development

Artist study on Stephen Wiltshire Part 1

Artist study on Stephen Wiltshire Part 2

Artist study on Sunga Parks Part 1

Artist study on Sunga Parks Part 2


Representations from clay to silicon

Computing Systems


Hip Hop Culture

TED talks


Dance styles

Segregation and racism


Roles and responsibilities in theatre

Working in the Theatre: Scenic design

Design challenge

Being a Scenic designer


Non-Fiction – Reading

Non-Fiction- Writing

Non-Fiction – Texts and View Points

Food Tech

Bread – ingredients, functions and stages in the bread making process 

Breads from around the world

Adapting recipes to make healthier products

Other baked goods (cakes, scones, biscuits) – ingredients and their functions

Shaping and finishing techniques for baked goods

Products – Bread loaf/buns, Pizza, Muffins, Enchiladas, Scones, Biscuits

Eat Happy Project

Food: A fact of life

Baked Bread: how is bread made?

BBC Good Food



Causes of weather 1

Causes of weather 2

What is the weather forecast?

Measuring, recording and forecasting weather

Climate Graphs

What is the climate of the British Isles?

Why does it rain? 1

Why does it rain? 2

What are depressions and what weather do they bring?

How do we read weather maps?

What are anticyclones and what weather do they bring?

Unusual weather 1

Unusual weather 2

Unusual weather 3


Locating places in Africa

Where people live?

History of Africa

Challenges facing African countries

Positive progress in African countries 1

Positive progress in African countries 2

Population change over time 1

Population change over time 2

Population change over time 3


Urban problems

Managing urban problems


The black people of the Americas

Enslaved people and resistance

The abolition movement

The 1807 and 1833 Acts

How successful were efforts to abolish slavery in the nineteenth century?


The British empire through time

Who lived in British America? (4 lessons)

The British Empire

Colonialism in India

1857 Conflict in India (4 lessons)

Colonialism in Australia?

Colonialism in Ireland


Unit 1: Hai fame? (Are you hungry)

Revision 1

Revision 2

Revision 3

How you feel and why

Drinks (hot and cold)

Ordering drinks




Longer conversations in a café

Giving opinions 1

Giving opinions 2

Giving opinions 3

Giving opinions 4

Unit 2: Chi Sono Io (Who am i)

Pets/descriptions 1

Pets/descriptions 2

Pets/descriptions 3

Pets/descriptions 4

Colours revision

Family members 1

Family members 2

Family members 3

Other family members

Opinions (describing people)

Comparing people

Numbers 1 – 100


Ratio & Scale


In the same ratio

Equivalent Ratios

The rule of 4

Dividing into a ratio

Multiplicative Change, Direct proportion, Conversion graphs, Similar shapes, Scale diagrams

Proportional Relationships Part 1

Proportional Relationships Part 2

Direct proportion Part 1

Direct proportion Part 2

Direct proportion Part 3

What are congruent and similar shapes?

Scale diagrams

Multiplying & dividing fractions

Using area models

Multiplying unit fractions with integers

Multiplying non-unit fractions with integers

Dividing a fraction by an integer

Modelling fractions by division

Working in the Cartesian plane, Parallel lines to the axes, Linear graphs  y =kx and y = x + a

Straight line graphs


The equation of a straight line

Tree diagrams

Representing data, Scatter graphs, Two way tables, Frequency tables

Univariate and bivariate data

Representing bivariate data


Lines of best fit

Calculating probabilities

Tables  & Probability

Representing probability

Venn Diagrams

Set notation

Drawing Venn diagrams

Overlapping circles


Revision 1

Revision 2

Revision 3

Revision 4

Revision 5


Melody and articulation

Rhythm notation and body percussion


Fitness blender

Provides a series of on-line videos with work outs ranging in difficulty (this is given in the blurb for the video) and duration.  Plenty of workouts with little to no equipment. (The workouts marked with FB plus can not be accessed unless you subscribe.  There are however, many you can access.)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 

A variety of exercises to be done to complete a 30-minute cardio HIIT workout.  No equipment needed. 

30-minute abs work out 

Once you are on this site it gives you the opportunity to access other workout by the same people. 


Select a workout focusing on various parts of the body and different training methods.  Most need very little or no equipment.



Energy stores and transfers part 1

Energy stores and transfers part 2

Energy in food

Levers and pivots

Moments part 1

Moments part 2

Changes of state





Eco systems and interdependence


Food Chains

Food webs and chains

Impact on food webs


Plant reproduction

Seed dispersal

Waves – Light

Wave properties

Light waves


Reflected images



Correcting vision

Review of light


Where you live

House description 1

House description 2

Rooms in the house

Description: bedroom

Revision – Self directed learning using Duolingo


Morning routine

Evening routine

Revise and test – Self directed learning using Duolingo

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