Year 9

Autumn Term 2020: Remote Lessons


Typography (Lettering) and Urban Art



Artist study on ROA Part 1

Artist study on ROA Part 2


Introduction to Python



Hip Hop Culture

TED talks


Dance styles

Segregation and racism


Context in creating theatre

Creating Theatre – Playwriting

How to Write a Play Script

Writing a Script

Top Tips


A Christmas Carol

Revisiting: A Christmas Carol

Food Tech

The Eatwell Guide – sections, guidelines,

8 Tips for a healthy diet

Staple foods 1) Pasta   2) Rice   3) Potatoes – origins, nutritional value, role in a healthy diet, how to prepare and cook, methods of processing

Multicultural main course meals

Safe and hygienic storage, preparation and cooking of meat, poultry and meat alternatives to avoid food poisoning.

Adapting pudding recipes to reduce saturated fat and sugar

Products – main course dishes using rice, pasta and potatoes eg Spaghetti Bolognese, Pasta Bake, Chicken Curry, Sweet and Sour, Chilli Con Carne, Risotto, Shepherds Pie, Potato Bake etc.

Food: A fact of life

How Does Rice Grow?

Eat Happy Project

BBC Good Food


Unit 1: Relationships, family and friends


Introduce yourself in French

Talking about pets

Describing other people

Introducing yourself (name/ age/ where I live/ nationality etc…)

Describe yourself/someone else physically

Describing personalities


Family members

Family relationships


Likes and dislikes

Where you go

Aim higher


Map Skills

Satellite and aerial images

What are OS maps

Geographical skills – OS map skills

Map symbols

Reading direction on a map

Using maps to write directions

Map skills

OS map skills revision


Reading distance on a map

Distance revision

Representing height on a map

Height revision

Height and relief


What are the features of a rivers long profile?

What are the features of a drainage basin?

The Water cycle

How rivers work

Erosion and transportation

How do waterfalls form?

Waterfalls 1

Waterfalls 2

What are the processes operating across meanders?


What are floodplains?


Causes of flooding


Examples of a flood event – UK

Examples of a flood event – in a developing country

Flood events 1

Flood events 2

How can we manage the flood risk?

How can we respond to flood events?


Major battles of WWI

World War I overview

WWI with Dan Snow

The battle of Mons

Miscellaneous WWI activities

Trench life

Introduction to the Western front

Trench design and medical advancement

Medical conditions on the western front

Remembrance day

People of the Western front

Ganga Singh

Algerian soldiers

Chinese Labour corps

Mike Mountain Horse

What to the stories of the ‘often forgotten armies’ reveal about the Western front?


Unit 1: Al Bar (at the bar)

Revision 1

Revision 2

Revision 3

How you feel and why

Ordering drinks in a café 1

Ordering drinks in a café 2

Quantities/ containers/ numbers revision 1

Quantities/ containers/ numbers revision 2



Using intensifiers

Longer conversations in a café

Giving opinions 1

Giving opinions 2

Giving opinions 3

Unit 2: Mangiamo! (Let’s eat)

Type of cuisine and preferences – Revision of nationalities/countries 1

Type of cuisine and preferences – Revision of nationalities/countries 2

Type of cuisine and preferences – Revision of nationalities/countries 3

Lunchtime foods (in a restaurant) 1

Lunchtime foods (in a restaurant) 2

Fruit and vegetables 1

Fruit and vegetables 2



Straight Line Graphs

Review of linear graphs

Points of intersection

Linear and Non-linear graphs

y = mx + c


Comparing gradients

Equations of lines

Forming and Solving Equations, One & two step equations, Inequalities, Substitution, Rearranging equations

Solving one step equations

Solving two step equations

Solving equations with brackets

Solving equations with unknown on both sides

Representing inequalities

Inequalities and substitution

Solving inequalities

Substituting positive terms

Substituting negative terms

Changing the subject of a formula

Changing the subject of a formula with squares and square roots

Algebra – multiplying out brackets

Algebraic terms

Distributivity and expanding

Multiplying across brackets

3D shapes, Nets and surface area, Volume of prisms, Plans & elevations

Area of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles

Area of a trapezium

3D shapes

Cubes and Cuboids

Finding the volume of triangular prisms

Finding the surface area of cubes and cuboids

Finding the surface area of triangular prisms

Construction & congruency


Perpendicular bisectors

Angle bisectors


Congruence and triangles


Melody and articulation

Rhythm notation and body percussion


Fitness blender

Provides a series of on-line videos with work outs ranging in difficulty (this is given in the blurb for the video) and duration.  Plenty of workouts with little to no equipment. (The workouts marked with FB plus can not be accessed unless you subscribe.  There are however, many you can access.)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 

A variety of exercises to be done to complete a 30-minute cardio HIIT workout.  No equipment needed. 

30-minute abs work out 

Once you are on this site it gives you the opportunity to access other workout by the same people. 


Select a workout focusing on various parts of the body and different training methods.  Most need very little or no equipment.



Energy stores and transfers part 1

Energy stores and transfers part 2

Energy in food

Levers and pivots

Moments part 1

Moments part 2

Changes of state





Gas exchange and respiration

Respiratory system 1

Respiratory system 2


Breathing rate

Aerobic respiration

Anaerobic respiration

Exercise and the respiration

Smoking and your health

Periodic table, earth and atmosphere

Earth structure

Igneous rocks

Weathering, erosion and the rock cycle

Sedimentary rocks

Metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle

Carbon cycle

Earth’s atmosphere

Greenhouse effect and global warming

Resourceful Earth

Development of the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table

Structure of an atom


Alkali metals



Where you live

House description 1

House description 2

Rooms in the house

Description: bedroom

Revision – Self directed learning using Duolingo


Morning routine

Evening routine

Revise and test – Self directed learning using Duolingo

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